Jaime Clarke

Jaime Clarke, is the Founder and CEO of Survival Swim School. She has a passion in keeping everyone safe around water. She wants to spread that passion all over Arizona with Survival Swim.Jaime is born and raised in Arizona. She started teaching swim lessons in high school at the Aquatic Center in Buckeye, Arizona. She worked there for 6 years as a lifeguard, swim teacher/coach and water aerobics instructor. During her 2rd year at the Buckeye Aquatic Center, she advanced to teaching private swim lessons at swimmers’ homes. Jaime has continued to teach private swim lessons every summer since 1998. She has experience teaching all ages and levels, as well as children with disabilities.

Due to the amazing referrals from so many families in the West Valley, in 2012 she had to start teaching swim lessons from her own pool. Jaime just didn’t have enough time to travel and teach swim lessons. She felt that she could teach more people to swim that way.

In 2014, Jaime received so many calls for swim lessons, she had to hire additional instructors to help teach side by side with her in order to serve each client. We soon realized that some of our clients would have preferred to have their swim lessons in their own pool due to the convenience and effectiveness of each swimmer learning how to be safe at home. We then decided to expand our reach and hire more quality swim instructors and eventually expand into other areas of Phoenix, Arizona.

If you would like more information or personal references regarding our teaching style and abilities, please contact Jaime Clarke at swim@survival-swim.com. She looks forward to teaching you or a loved one the most important survival skill…. SWIMMING!

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Katie Anderson

I’m a student at the University of Arizona studying Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences as well as Special Education. When I was younger, I took swim lessons and enjoyed being in the water so much, I decided to join the local swim team. I continued to swim competitively and served as swim team captain for the Estrella Foothills team my senior year. After swimming for 10 years, I recognize the need to educate children on how to be safe in water. I enjoy sharing my love for the sport with all ages and look forward to teaching others water safety!

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Christian (Chris) Huth

Christian is originally from New York, but calls Arizona home and has lived here since he was young. Christian is married to his beautiful wife, Mandi and has a loving boxer pup named Roxie. In his free time, Christian enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time outdoors. Christian is passionate about spending time with family and enjoys the simple pleasures in life. He has grown up in the water, learning to swim when he was 3 years old. Christian continued his swimming career through high school, qualifying for State and placing 4th in the 100-meter butterfly. Coming from a family tree of teachers, Christian loves serving others and is excited to help educate life skills that every individual should know………how to swim.

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Ryan Verlei

There are few activities as refreshing as swimming, and no one should ever feel nervous to jump in! It is my mission to instill in my students the confidence to trust their own instincts and combine that trust with techniques needed to give them optimum aquatic mobility. I swam competitively in high school in both sprint and distance events. Additionally, I am a certified elementary teacher. I taught my own sons to swim at very young ages, so I would not have to worry if they came near deep water. Learning to swim is a crucial survival skill that may save you or someone you love! Everyone can and should learn!

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Coley Achbach

I am a high school student at Estrella Foothills and I absolutely love swimming! I learned how to swim when I was 4 years old and have not stopped ever since then. I interned at Survival Swim through the summers of 2016-2017 which was a very rewarding experience. I believe that learning to swim is something each child should have the opportunity to do and am excited to teach kids how to be comfortable in the water, as well as be successful swimmers!

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Dana Clements

I am a student at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but grew up in Arizona. I am studying Athletic Training, as well as Psychology. I started swimming at the age of two with swim lessons and had so much fun that I joined a club swim team. I attended Estrella Foothills High School and was team captain for the swim team my senior year. I now swim for Coe College at the Division 3 level. I had the opportunity to start swim coaching last year for Vitras Swim Club and loved every minute of it. It was so rewarding to see the children I coached grow and accomplish their swimming goals. Swimming has taught me so much and I hope to pass on my knowledge to others.

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Michelle Detka

Michelle was born in New York and moved to Arizona when she was 10 years old. After the move, she joined the Westside Silver Fins for whom she competed for until going away to college. She also swam for the Verrado Vipers during high school. After high school she received an academic and athletic scholarship from the University of Houston. While at Houston she competed for their Division 1 swim team and studied Biology. She transferred to Wagner College for her last two years of college at which she continued her studies in Biology and competed for their Division 1 team. Michelle has been teaching swim lessons for four years now and has also been a coach for the Westside Silver Fins and Wagner Aquatics Club.

“Swimming has made a huge impact on my life and has shaped me to be the person I am today. I hope that I can share my love for this sport with all the children that I teach how to swim. Witnessing a child overcome their fear of water and develop a love for it, is truly the most rewarding of experiences.”

Terry Clarke

“I have had a passion for teaching children to swim since I was 16. I began teaching swim lessons/lifeguarding at the Buckeye Aquatics for 3 years. Then while attending EMCC, I taught swim lessons/lifeguarded at the YMCA for 2 years. I loved watching children go from not knowing how to swim, some even being terrified of the water, to being confident and strong swimmers.”