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Our mission is to teach others to survive in the water by providing safety & survival skills with convenient instructors, and friendly, consistent swim instruction


Swim safe & survive!

Our Programs


Baby & Me (6-12 Months)

Survival Swim’s Baby & Me swim lessons are for our infant swimmers and their parents or caregivers. Our instructors will work with you, side by side, giving you techniques to teach your baby the basic needs to survive in the water. Babies automatically know how to hold their breath from ages 0 to 6 months, but they lose this early survival skill if they don’t practice. These early lessons will teach your baby the skill of holding their breath (under water), floating, kicking and just becoming comfortable in the water. By parents learning these teaching techniques, it allows you to feel comfortable with your baby in the water with you. In addition, parents can practice the techniques at home in the bath tub or swimming pool. The statement, “babies can drown in a bucket of water”, is true because if they lose the skill of holding their breath, they will suck up that water and drown. If you get your little ones in the water early and practice these water safety skills, you can save their life.


During our lessons; children learn to swim in a safe, positive and learning enriched environment. Since survival in the water is our #1 goal, we make it our priority. One of the 1st skills our instructors teach young swimmers is to swim back to the wall after an accidental fall in the water and to pull themselves out of the water to safety. They also learn the expertise of controlled-breathing, paddling and kicking in order to swim to safety. These survival skills are very important to learn at a young age because drowning is the second most leading cause of death in children ages 1-14. Most of these drownings happen in a backyard pool. Our open-minded technique makes learning to swim enjoyable and relaxing. Our techniques will challenge each student by recognizing their strengths to better suite their learning abilities. Private lessons ensure that children advance at their own pace, and move on only after they’re ready for the next challenge. The ability to personalize lessons gives our instructors the chance to better help your child develop the skills to triumph over their fears and raise their confidence in the water. Parents will receive a copy of our Survival Skill Chart and Certificate to provide their children, as a fun way to track their swim skill progress.

Children with Special Needs

At Survival Swim School, we are dedicated to working with swimmers of all levels of natural abilities. We take extra care with special needs children to help them learn the skills they’ll need in order to stay safe near water and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of swimming. For some children, this skill may help their development throughout their life. Our instructors are specially trained and educated in working with each child individually in order to key in on their curiosity, challenges and uncertainties. Patience and compassion are most important in our instruction for children with special needs. In addition, instructors understand the need to display excitement by using facial expressions connected with an encouraging voice and the need to provide examples to help children learn. Also, Survival Swim Instructors are trained about child-centered teaching tactics with an effort to meet the specific needs of each child. Parents will receive a copy of our Survival Skill Chart and Certificate to provide their children, as a fun way to track their swim skill progress.


Survival Swim Adult Swim lessons range from non-swimmers to advanced skill training. Our lessons can help non-swimmers overcome the fear of water, starting with the basics of swimming to build a solid foundation to quickly progress and become safe and strong in the water. Part of our Survival Swim Instructor Certification teaches Instructors to communicate effectively with each swimmer to overcome any fears, as well as work on breathing techniques to help overcome any uncertainties. At Survival Swim, our main focus for adult swim lessons is to develop a personalized lesson plan to help each swimmer feel comfortable in and around water. For those adults that want to learn some strokes and advanced skill training, your lesson plan will challenge you to work hard and test your abilities to be the best Survival Swimmer in the pool!


Survival Swim can help you train for an upcoming triathlon! We have a USAT Elite Division triathlete that is available to guide you to the finish line. May first time triathletes are nervous about the swim leg, overcome your fear by training under a seasoned athlete and gain valuable tips on how to feel comfortable in an open water event. Even if you are an experienced triathlete and are looking for the perfect stroke and transitions, Survival Swim can help!

Competitive Swimmers

If you are looking to perfect a stroke, work on flip turns or starts and turns, Survival Swim can help. Train with a NCCAA Division 1 swimmer and learn helpful tips to take your swimming career to the next level.