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Teaching Other's To Survive In Water

Thank you for your interest in Survival Swim School! Our mission is to teach others to survive in the water by providing safety & survival skills with convenient instructors, and friendly, consistent swim instruction. Swim safe & survive!

Baby & Me (6-12 Months)

These swim lessons are for our infant swimmers and their parents or caregivers. We work with you giving you the techniques to teach your baby the basic needs to survive in the water.


During our lessons; children learn to swim in a safe, positive and learning enriched environment. We make sure they can successfully swim in case of an accidental fall.

Children With Special Needs

We are dedicated to working with swimmers of all levels of natural abilities. We take extra care with special needs children to help them learn the skills they’ll need in order to stay safe near water.


Survival Swim Adult Swim lessons range from non-swimmers to advanced skill training. We want to help non-swimmers overcome their fear and challenge those who want to put their skills to the test.

Competitive Swimmers

If you are looking to perfect a stroke or train for an upcoming triathlon, Survival Swim can help. Train with a NCCAA Division 1 swimmer and learn helpful tips to take your swimming career to the next level.

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