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Children W/ Special Needs

Lessons For Children With Special Needs

Variety Of Instruction For All Levels
Dedicated to working with swimmers of all levels of natural abilities

We take extra care with special needs children to help them learn the skills they’ll need in order to stay safe near water and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of swimming.

  • Helps Development Throughout Life
  • Trained & Educated Instructors
  • Focus On Curiosity & Challenges

Teaching With Excitement

Patience and compassion are most important in our instruction for children with special needs. In addition, instructors understand the need to display excitement by using facial expressions connected with an encouraging voice and the need to provide examples to help children learn. Also, Survival Swim Instructors are trained about child-centered teaching tactics with an effort to meet the specific needs of each child.

 Parents will receive a copy of our Survival Skill Chart and Certificate to provide their children, as a fun way to track their swim skill progress.