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Swim Lessons For Children

Practicing Safety & Positivity

During our lessons; children learn to swim in a safe, positive and learning enriched environment. Since survival in the water is our #1 goal, we make it our priority. One of the 1st skills our instructors teach young swimmers is to swim back to the wall after an accidental fall in the water and to pull themselves out of the water to safety. They also learn the expertise of controlled-breathing, paddling and kicking in order to swim to safety. These survival skills are very important to learn at a young age because drowning is the second most leading cause of death in children ages 1-14. Most of these drownings happen in a backyard pool.

Unique Techniques

Advanced & Open-Minded


Our open-minded technique makes learning to swim enjoyable and relaxing. Our techniques will challenge each student by recognizing their strengths to better suite their learning abilities.


At Survival Swim, we provide private swim lessons to ensure that our children advance at their own pace, and move on only after they’re ready for the next challenge in our programs.


The ability to personalize lessons gives our instructors the chance to better help your child develop the skills to triumph over their fears and raise their confidence in the water.

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