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Jaime Clarke, is the Founder and CEO of Survival Swim School. She has a passion in keeping everyone safe around water. She wants to spread that passion all over Arizona with Survival Swim.Jaime is born and raised in Arizona. She started teaching swim lessons in high school at the Aquatic Center in Buckeye, Arizona. She worked there for 6 years as a lifeguard, swim teacher/coach and water aerobics instructor. During her 2rd year at the Buckeye Aquatic Center, she advanced to teaching private swim lessons at swimmers’ homes. Jaime has continued to teach private swim lessons every summer since 1998. She has experience teaching all ages and levels, as well as children with disabilities.

Due to the amazing referrals from so many families in the West Valley, in 2012 she had to start teaching swim lessons from her own pool. Jaime just didn’t have enough time to travel and teach swim lessons. She felt that she could teach more people to swim that way.

In 2014, Jaime received so many calls for swim lessons, she had to hire additional instructors to help teach side by side with her in order to serve each client. We soon realized that some of our clients would have preferred to have their swim lessons in their own pool due to the convenience and effectiveness of each swimmer learning how to be safe at home. We then decided to expand our reach and hire more quality swim instructors and eventually expand into other areas of Phoenix, Arizona.

If you would like more information or personal references regarding our teaching style and abilities, please contact Jaime Clarke at swim@survival-swim.com. She looks forward to teaching you or a loved one the most important survival skill…. SWIMMING!