Lisa L.

Lisa L.


Teaches at her SS home pool in Cape Coral, Florida.

Hello! I am Lisa. I was born and raised in Southwest Florida in the city of Cape Coral where we have over 400 miles of canals, which is more than anywhere in the whole world, and on top of that most of the houses have swimming pools.

As a mother, my first thought was, that’s a lot of bodies of water to fall into. So when my son was 6 months old I enrolled him in a local self rescue course where he learned to float and where I became seriously interested in becoming an instructor. However, the timing wasn’t right for me so over the course of the next few years I taught my son how to swim on his own and I prepared myself to make this dream a reality. I eventually came across survival-swim while researching companies that certify instructors and it was Kismet. The universe aligned everything and I started my training and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve been working with a handful of volunteers whose parents graciously trusted me with and I’m excited to bring survival-swim to southwest Florida. I also was involved in synchronized swimming for years when I was younger and taught many aerobic classes, some of them aquatic. I am currently teaching out of my own pool, and I’d be glad to discuss traveling if it better suits you. It brings me so much joy to be able to give parents a little peace of mind around all this water!

If you don’t see days and times that work for you in my schedule, please contact Survival Swim and we will try to work with your schedule. Thank you.