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My kids absolutely adored learning how to swim last summer with Survival Swim! My two year old son was a little uncertain about being in the water the first lesson. Miss Jaime was very patient and persistent with him, and now he loves being in the water! She has clearly worked with children of all different ages and parents, because my older kids (6 & 7 years old) couldn’t wait for swim lessons each week too! My 7 year old son was having a hard time relaxing to float in the water, and after just two lessons, he was able to do it – with confidence! We are so excited to continue swim lessons with Survival Swim this summer!


Erin Kacer


We got lessons for our two kids (ages 2 and 1). Ms. Terry came to our house each week for lessons and she was wonderful! She helped them feel comfortable and best of all they learned a lot! My 2 year old went from being deathly afraid of the pool to being able to jump off the side into the pool by himself. We would highly recommend survival swim to anyone looking for swim lessons!

Rachel Kramer


Jaime treats swimming as, not only a sport, but also the critical life skill that it is. My kids love her. She is patient, kind, and fun, yet firm about safety and learning. Almost every time she sees a pool, my three year old asks, “when do we get to swim with Miss Jaime again?”.

Mandi Albert


We are so grateful to Jaime Clarke of Survival Swim for helping our two children become early swimmers. In the course of a season of lessons, our then 2 year old son went from not wanting to get in the water, let alone get his face wet, to diving into the pool with gusto, swimming laps and diving down to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool. Jaime also taught our 1 year old daughter to float, blow bubbles, stroke with her arms and kick with her feet- all basics of learning to swim. This year we are back for season two where we have goals of our son being able to swim independently and our daughter to learn to swim as well. We appreciate the kindness, care and competence Jaime brought the lessons. We feel that our children are safe and in good hands. And her kindness, patience and calm teaching approach as well as her playfulness made it fun for our little ones. Thank you Jaime and Survival Swim.

Jeni McCutcheon, Psy.D., M.S.C.P., ABPP

Board Certified in Police & Public Safety Psychology

My oldest brother passed away after falling in to our family’s swimming pool many years ago, so water safety has always been something that I am very concerned with. When it was time for my son to learn how to swim I began my research online, and in my local mom’s groups, and one name kept coming up-Jaime Clark with Survival Swim. Based on so many personal recommendations I chose Jaime to teach Matthew. He was terrified to go in the water without wearing a life vest and would cling to me and sob when I tried to get him to take it off in our home pool. At his very first lesson Jaime coached him and boosted his confidence, immediately gaining his trust. All it took were two lessons for Matthew to lose his fear and learn to float, by lesson three he was swimming across her pool! I was amazed at how quickly Jaime taught my son to swim, and how comfortable he was with her in the water when he had always been so scared before. Jaime did an incredible job with Matthew and I highly recommend her as a swim instructor. Not only does she teach swim, she teaches water survival.

Meaghan K


My 3 and 5 yr old are completely safe around water and know exactly what to do if they were to fall in. I can’t thank Survival-Swim enough for that peace of mind.

Bridgett B


We have been working with Ms. Jaime. She is so patient and loving with our little girl. Jaime knows her stuff and is an amazing teacher. She is always so positive and great with the kids. We highly recommend her and her staff.

Melanie Randy Elmer


Coley is fantastic and if you’re in Estrella Mountain, Survival Swim Lessons are a great place for kiddos to learn and just before the summer starts

Glenn K


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