Survival Swim | Mobile & Private Swim Instruction

Jeni McCutcheon, Psy.D., M.S.C.P., ABPP

We are so grateful to Jaime Clarke of Survival Swim for helping our two children become early swimmers. In the course of a season of lessons, our then 2 year old son went from not wanting to get in the water, let alone get his face wet, to diving into the pool with gusto, swimming laps and diving down to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool. Jaime also taught our 1 year old daughter to float, blow bubbles, stroke with her arms and kick with her feet- all basics of learning to swim. This year we are back for season two where we have goals of our son being able to swim independently and our daughter to learn to swim as well. We appreciate the kindness, care and competence Jaime brought the lessons. We feel that our children are safe and in good hands. And her kindness, patience and calm teaching approach as well as her playfulness made it fun for our little ones. Thank you Jaime and Survival Swim.