Survival Swim | Mobile & Private Swim Instruction

Meaghan K

My oldest brother passed away after falling in to our family’s swimming pool many years ago, so water safety has always been something that I am very concerned with. When it was time for my son to learn how to swim I began my research online, and in my local mom’s groups, and one name kept coming up-Jaime Clark with Survival Swim. Based on so many personal recommendations I chose Jaime to teach Matthew. He was terrified to go in the water without wearing a life vest and would cling to me and sob when I tried to get him to take it off in our home pool. At his very first lesson Jaime coached him and boosted his confidence, immediately gaining his trust. All it took were two lessons for Matthew to lose his fear and learn to float, by lesson three he was swimming across her pool! I was amazed at how quickly Jaime taught my son to swim, and how comfortable he was with her in the water when he had always been so scared before. Jaime did an incredible job with Matthew and I highly recommend her as a swim instructor. Not only does she teach swim, she teaches water survival.